LTC Benefit Plans through Life Settlement Conversions

Perhaps the Last Option, but a very Important Alternative to Understand


88% of life insurance policies will never pay a death benefit (lapsed or surrendered)


A valuable tool to protect your client & your livlihood

A Long Term Care Benefit Plan is the conversion of an in-force life insurance policy into a pre-funded, irrevocable Benefit Account that is professionally administered with payments made monthly on behalf of the individual receiving care. This option extends the time a person can remain private pay and delays entry into Medicaid.

  • 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day
  • 70% of them will need some form of long term care (40% in a nursing home)
  • 88% of life insurance policies will never pay a death benefit (lapsed or surrendered)
  • 38% of people that apply for Medicaid own a life insurance policy that will count against them
  • If you might have a client who would benefit from this approach, call Peter Zinnen at 1.800.842.8289 to discuss it. We're here to help you consider all the options.

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Dangerous Liabilities Lurk for Families and Advisors in Long Term Care Planning


Aggressive legal threats across the country have become a real concern to insurance agents and financial advisors, elder law attorneys, and families facing long term care funding questions.

Unexpected and dangerous threats in the form of professional and personal liability have emerged in the wake of the growing LTC funding crisis. Law suits and mandated claw-back actions have been brought against families in attempts to recover monies spent on long term care. Insurance and legal advisors have also been sued by clients in response to fiduciary responsibility issues about options to fund long term care, or how to derive the highest value from a life insurance policy.
These aggressive legal actions take root from laws that have existed for decades. State Filial Responsibility Laws and federal Estate Recovery Mandates are now specifically being used as tools to help long term care companies and the government to pursue extended family members to recover dollars spent on long term care. Even more symptomatic of the heightening urgency and tensions in the world of long term care is the growing list of angry clients and life policy owners looking to punish advisors and insurance companies for not informing them of all their available financial options.

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