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Consistent, educational client communication creates smarter and more-likely buyers.

It has been well established that client communication is a key factor influencing client retention. When there's no communication, there's a vulnerable relationship, and clients have no problem shopping around, but clients who hear from their agent tend to stay with their agent. Communication engenders loyalty. It's that simple.

This collection of Marketing pieces has been developed specifically for the use of Independent Agencies who'd like to make a practice of consistent communication with new and existing Personal and Commercial Lines clients.

We are also happy to work with you to develop any ideas you may have for your own emails, marketing flyers, social media or blog posts. Any of these pieces can be customized with your logo, theme colors and contact information. We'd love to have an opportunity to partner with you to help promote your core products, and to provide guidance and support for your Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance opportunities.

Communication Begets Retention


Tell your existing customers more about the products and services you offer. Do they know about bundling or umbrella liability. Do they know that you can help them with their Life Insurance Planning?


Your Commercial Clients should know that in addition to Workers Comp, Property, Liability, etc. you can help them with key employee retention, succession, retirement planning and more.


Educational communication peices and research tools including your own client-facing Life Insurance 101 website enabling cleints to do needs analysis, comparison quoting and applying for coverage.


You protect their home, car and life. Why not protect the thing that pays for it all, their paycheck? Consumers understand the risk of accidents, but deny the possibility that an illness might interupt their income.