Impaired Risk Life Insurance
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Impaired Risk Life Insurance

Your Impaired Risk Client

We know how frustrating Impaired Risk Cases can be.

The days of dedicated "Impaired Risk Carriers" are gone. Let us help you with...

Our 5-Step Approach for People with Health Issues:

1. Don't assume your Client won't qualify for Life Insurance. We've had success in obtaining affordable life insurance coverage for people with histories of:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disorders
  • Stroke
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Hepatitis C
  • Depression
  • Smoking
  • DUI
  • and more...

2.Submit a Quick-Quote Request or you can call 800-842-8289 for a confidential discussion of your client’s needs and concerns, or send an email to: describing your case.

3.  We will determine the best way to shop the case.

4.  We'll shop for offers and get back to you with your client's options.

5.  Take the app based on our assessment.


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Impaired Risk Case Preparation Tips

Rapid turnaround is the result of thorough & thoughtful case preparation. When Impaired Risk Life Cases are presented, evaluated and priced quickly, everybody wins. By allowing the underwriters to concentrate on clients and medical histories, rather than sifting through documents and trying to organize pages, you get the answers you need in a timely and consistent fashion.

What makes an Impaired Risk Life Insurance Case “prepared”? The most important things are to:

  • Submit a cover memo attached to each case that explains
    the pertinent details in concise, to-the-point language.
  • Submit the entire case in chronological order, deleting duplicate pages.

Good Impaired Risk Life Case preparation has a tremendous impact on our ability to review and evaluate cases. As we get more efficient, that efficiency is passed along to you in the form of faster service, and when that happens, everybody wins.

Here’s what makes a good cover letter:

  • Tell us what the other carriers’ actions were, and why.
  • Tell us what you need to place the case (ratings and premiums).

Good Impaired Risk Case preparation helps you better gauge what rates are attainable.

  • Putting the case in chronological order helps us understand and get to
    know the client.
  • Tabbing or otherwise highlighting pertinent pages allows the underwriter to
    quickly get to the details.
  • As cases are presented electronically and documents are scanned, good
    case preparation will lead to faster turnaround!

View/Print a PDF of the Case Preparation Tips

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Print our Quick Quote Form, General Purpose Impaired Risk Questionnaire, any of the specific Impaired Risk Questionnaires, or our Informal Inquiry form, then fax to 860.693.4547 for a quick assessment.

With two full-time impaired-risk underwriters and an arsenal of financially strong, aggressive carriers on our team your tough life case is in good hands.


Drawing on Years of Health Insurance Underwriting Expertise

While we are no longer in the traditional Health Insurance business, for the first 50 of our 60+ years, The Thompson Agency was fully immersed in the actual nuts and bolts of the underwriting decision-making of Individual Health Insurance applications. When you have seen, and made underwriting decisions on literally thousands of health insurance applications you become very familiar with health impairments effecting outcomes.

For 40 of those 60+ years we have have been leveraging that experience, knowledge and expertise in our handling of challenging, Impaired Risk and Substandard Life Insurance cases. We have a fulltime consulting Life Insurance Underwriter to supplement our considerations of your tough cases. "We, literally do Impaired Risk Everyday." — It's not just a tagline. It's the reality of our daily workflow and a distinctive competency evolved through years of experience.

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