Life Insurance for Young & Old
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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance for Young & Old — Healthy or Impaired Risk

The Thompson Agency offers competitive Life Insurance products from the nation's most highly rated carriers, to the thousands of Life Insurance Professionals, Independent Agencies and Financial Planners throughout the United States.

We field calls from all over the country from Career Life Insurance professionals, Independent Agents and Financial Planners seeking product, marketing, or underwriting guidance for standard, impaired risk and substandard risks, from small case solutions to jumbos, young and old.

Many of our customers are Property & Casualty Agents who don't necessarily speak fluent Life Insurance but understand the value of responding to client inquiries, as well as proactively marketing Life Insurance products to their existing Personal Lines clients for account rounding and the enhanced retention that multi-line customers traditionally provide. We understand that Life Insurance may not be in your wheehouse so we provide an extra level of reassuring support to see your case through the channels from application, to issue, to delivery, to payday.

This website provides you with relevant tools of your trade including a robust Life Insurance Quote Engine, Forms Engine, Life Insurance Needs Analysis, special links for drop-ticket (FastApps) processing, free Anti-Money-Laundering Training, Long Term Care Quote Engine, Disability Income Needs Analysis, Marketing Support, Social Media Posts, two Marketing Communications Microsites, our LTC-360° Microsite explaining LTC Funding Solutions and more and more.

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Challenge Clients to Calculate their Life Insurance Needs »

A simple letter with a Life Insurance Needs Estimator may be all it takes to stir things up. People are curious. They will do the math.

We can personalize the letter and Needs Estimator with your logo and contact information.

See the Letter & Life Needs Estimator »

Research from LIMRA indicates that customers who go through a needs analysis are significantly more likely to purchase life insurance. Of those who performed a life insurance needs analysis, 73% went on to purchase a policy versus just 49% of those who had shopped for life insurance but never performed a needs analysis.  LIMRA, Life Insurance Buyers/Non-Buyers Study