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Social Media Posts

Free Social Media Posts for Life Insurance, Impaired Risk Life Insurance, Long Term Care and Annuity Producers


Social Media Posts now available to our Active Producers

We know that many of you are active in the Social Media world because your clients, and potential clients are there. We are regularly posting messages to our own FaceBook page that encourage readers to consider Life Insurance & Long Term Care to protect their families, and to call us for a referral to one of you who are sending your business our way. So visit our FB page from time to time to see if there's a post that would work for you.

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If you see a post you like feel free to share it, save the image, add your own message or drop us an email and we'll make it yours so you can post it too. And while you're there Click the "Like" button.



Make Yourself Findable

The roles of who finds who are changing.

In the past, it was the agent’s job to go and find the customer. But increasingly, customers will find the agent or insurance company. Some already do this by getting referrals, searching on websites, and communicating with friends and family on social media.   more »

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LIMRA executive James W. Kerley
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Here are some Samples



DO YOU WONDER if you need Life Insurance?

How Much?
and How Much it will cost you?

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Love Comes in all shapes and sizes - So does Life Insurance



There's no do-overs.

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Man & Dog Love - Life Insurance

YOU DON'T THINK TWICE about protecting valuable assets like your home & car, but your LIfe, your earning power, is the greatest asset you and your loved ones have. If you're making $50K a year and plan to work another 20 years, your earning power is worth a million bucks.

Protect your kids' most valuable asset.

Mom & Daughter Unbrekable Bond - Protect it with Life Insurance

DID YOU KNOW the greatest cause of poverty among people who have lost a spouse is the lack of adequate Life Insurance? You may be putting your family at risk if you don’t have a Life Insurance policy.
How well would your family cope financially if you weren’t around? Protect your kids' BIG DREAMS.

Little Girl Dreams - Protect them with Life Insurance