Just Ask . . .

—  "Do you want fries with that?"

You get the idea.

So, to get started, you'll train your CSRs and licensed personnel to
routinely explore and identify cross-selling opportunities. We'll give
you a one-page form for your CSRs to use with each inbound caller
to prompt them to ask the right questions, for example:

If you work with AMS-360 check out this great Cross-Selling & Data Collection APP called "ProTrac" offered by ATraC Services.

ProTrac integrates with your AMS-360 database and prompts your CSRs (while on the phone with a client) of missing data in the file, suggesting questions like those listed above to be asked to fill the holes and uncover cross-sell opportunities. You can Learn more about ProTrac and watch the demonstration video at: http://www.atracservices.com/proTrac/index.html

Whether you gather additional information with ProTrac or using the CSR one-page form when the...

Customer shows interest:  
Transfer the call to a licensed rep who can then log on to www.thompsonagency.net/Life-Insurance-Quote-Engine.html to both determine the amount of life insurance appropriate to the client's situation and run comparative quotes online.

Customer says “no”:
Thank the caller and record his or her name on your “No List”. The “No List” is a means of tracking and listing the calls and responses as well as being a constant reminder to your employees to ask the Life Insurance question. You may even supplement this with some kind of creative incentive program for your CSRs to reinforce the routine. Have some fun with it.