Email #4: "It Costs Less than you Think"

—  Life Insurance Costs vs. Everyday Expenses

Subject Line: "It costs less than you think"


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Have you resisted buying Life Insurance because you thought it was too expensive? If so, you're not alone. It's the most common misconception.

Over the last few weeks we’ve sent you information about the important role Life Insurance plays in protecting the well-being of your loved ones. We have promised to dispell some of the myths surrounding the need for and the true costs of Life Insurance. Today's message is a very important one, so we'll say it again:

Life Insurance is less expensive than you think!

Life's circumstances change. If you already have Life Insurance, that's great, but we encourage you to do a self-directed check-up with our "Smarter Buyer" tools to be sure your current needs are being met.

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* Sample Rates:
The Life Insurance rates shown above are the most competitive in the “Preferred Non-smoker” rate class as of January 2016. Some applicants may qualify for the “Preferred Best” rate class, which would be even lower in cost. Rates are subject to change.

A sampling of actual Term Life Insurance premiums can be a real eye-opener and call to action in itself. Most people are surprised at the affordability of Life Insurance in today's competitive market.