Email #2: "A Real-Life Story"

—  A personal story about the benefits of Life Insurance

Subject Line: "The Real-Life story of a family we know personally"

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As promised, below is a story about someone who chose to plan with Life Insurance.  This is just one of countless real-life examples of people whose lives have been forever changed by circumstances beyond their control.

Michael Leigh ZinnenMichael Zinnen was my father and my best friend.  He was my mentor, coach and my hero.  He was also a financial planner whose profession was to protect families. Many of my fondest memories are of playing a game of pool and discussing every topic under the sun.  As I get older I realize how much he has shaped my life.

I graduated from college, started my first job, and began planning my future with my fiancé.  Then came the call from my mother. On a terribly cold day my mother called me at work and told me that my father was diagnosed with an esophageal tumor. It had spread, and they did not catch it early, therefore the only treatment option was Chemotherapy. I tried to be there with him for as many of those treatments as possible, and he never once complained, or stopped fighting, continuing to smile and make jokes.

My father passed away the following May, one month before my wedding. It was a very difficult time for me, my younger sister and my mother. My parents had been married for 34 years when my father passed away. They were best of friends, and now he was gone. Of course with cancer, his passing was also a blessing, he was no longer in pain, and we did get to spend time with him, and he knew how much we all loved him and we in turn new how proud of us he was. 

After our wedding and when things settled back to normal life, I received another call from my mother. This call was to tell me that my father had several life insurance policies, and one of them listed myself and my sister as the beneficiaries. My father was always there for us and did everything in his power to provide for his family. The life insurance benefit was just a continuation of his efforts. 

It has been 11+ years since my father passed away, and I still miss him every day. My family has grown, and I now have 3 children under the age of 3. My wife and I often comment on how amazing of a grandfather my dad would have been. I am also reminded every day of that final gift my father left us. With the life insurance money, I was able to put a down payment on a custom built home for my family, one that we never plan on leaving. He is the reason that I am able to live where I live, and he is a major reason why I am who I am. I have also followed his example and have made sure that I have enough life insurance to provide for my family, and allow them to dream big even if I cannot be present.

~ Peter Zinnen

Michael Zinnen had peace of mind because he planned ahead, and as you can see, it ensured the financial well-being of the ones he loved the most. There are steps to any plan and our next message will address the questions that Michael considered when he chose to plan with Life Insurance.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. 


A true and compelling story about how Life Insurance can lock in a stable financial future for your loved ones.

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