Email #7: "Life Supports Re-Cap"

—  A personal email to recap and move ahead

Subject Line: "The next step on your path to peace of mind"

Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,


Dear Frank,
Over the last few weeks we have discussed the many ways that Life Insurance can benefit you and your family by ensuring financial stability and providing peace of mind. You have experienced a personal story about how Michael Zinnen planned by using Life Insurance to take care of his family after his passing. We also have shown how affordable life insurance can be.

I encourage you to take the next step and explore how you can secure the future of the people who depend on you financially.

Click the link below and tell us a little more about you, this way we can give you more specific information to help with your Life Insurance planning. 
Take the Next Step!

Thank you, I really look forward to working with you again!




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A recap of the campaign and call to action to move forward and take the next step in the process.