Email #3: "Revealing their Needs"

—  Questions addressing when Life Insurance is appropriate

Subject Line: "Protect your loved ones' freedom to choose"

Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,


Yesterday, I sent you a personal story explaining how Michael Zinnen’s planning with Life Insurance helped his family when he was gone.

If you’re anything like me, you want to give your loved ones the freedom of choices throughout their lives. And, like me, you might think about ways their lives could change if you weren’t there.

Things like:

  • Would my family have enough in savings to cover funeral expenses?
  • Would the mortgage on our home be too costly for my family to stay?
  • Would I leave my family with burdensome debt?
  • Would my children have to limit education choices because of tuition costs?
  • Would my spouse still be able to build a comfortable nest egg for retirement?

Because of my concerns, I personally have a simple, affordable, and effective contingency plan – Life Insurance. My Life Insurance policies leave me with peace of mind at a cost far lower than you might expect, but most importantly, leaves my loved ones with the freedom of choices.

Over the next few weeks, my goal is to tell you about benefits and misconceptions of Life Insurance, and give you tools to research your own situation.

If you already see how Life Insurance can provide your own peace of mind, you can visit our Smarter Buyer website to start your own research, or you can contact us if you would like some help.




PS: Check out our Life Insurance 101 video


A few questions will provide guidance to the conclusion that, “yes”, they need life insurance.