Here's How it Works

—  It takes committment. It takes energetic follow-up.

The campaign consists of several action steps but requires
your committment and some advance preparation work . . .


The campaign consists of 8 personalized emails to your existing Commercial Lines Insurance customers. If you decide to subscribe to the "Life Supports for Businress" campaign we will personalize the emails, execute the campaign and feed you any leads that may develop.

Here's where you get busy. You have to follow up and connect or reconnect. Remember these are already your customers. Rounding their accounts with Life Insurance will help you keep them for the long haul.

Reality Check: To expect immediate results from any marketing campaign will set you up for disappointment. Research shows that an average of 6 to 7 touches are required email iconbefore people are moved to action. Don't be discouraged. The beauty of automation is repetition, and repitition is the key to conversion.

In addition, and very importantly, you will be communicating consistently with your existing clients in the process —something you probably haven't been doing— and the fact that you are doing that will, in itself, foster greater retention. What's to lose? Well, you know what's to lose.

To prepare to launch the "Life Supports" email campaign:

Here are 3 simple steps to get the ball rolling.

  • If you haven' already, start collecting email addresses for your Commercial Lines Clients.
  • Run a report to isolate your business clients.
  • Convert your Excel report to a CSV file so we can upload them into your campaign.

That's it for starters. We'll launch the campaign, monitor results and and feed you any leads which may develop.